Erdogan a protezione dell'eredità di Ataturk

mercoledì 10 novembre 2017 Hurriyet Daily News Foto: Hurriyet Daily News

ISTANBUL - President Recep Tayyip Erdoðan has said the ruling Justice and Development Party (Akp) aims to “protect the legacy” of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, guarding it from “ideological bigotry that instrumentalizes his name.”
“We consider it a duty to give Atatürk due credit as the commander-in-chief of our Independence War and the founder of our Republic, in front of our nation. Our nation’s respect for Atatürk is eternal,” Erdoðan said at an event marking the 79th anniversary of Atatürk’s passing on Nov. 10.
“There is nothing more natural than respect for a name who was leader of such a struggle to have a valuable place in the nation’s hearts,” he added.
Erdoðan also stated that the name of Atatürk had been “used by certain mentalities” as a “tool for ideological purposes.”
“Putschists, pro-junta circles and all segments that are enemies of this country’s history and this nation’s values are trying to hide under the veil of Atatürkism,” Erdoðan said.
“Reactions against this mentality were sometimes expressed by targeting Atatürk himself, sometimes with wrong expressions and sometimes with misunderstandings,” he added.
The president particularly singled out the main opposition Republican People’s Party (Chp), which was founded by Atatürk, for “abusing Atatürk’s name” and “not protecting his legacy,” vowing that his ruling Akp is “determined to protect Atatürk’s legacy.”
“We are saving Atatürk and his memory from the tyranny of these abusers, by guarding the Republic and by guarding Atatürk’s legacy. We aim to bring the nation ‘above the level of contemporary civilization,’ which he one pointed out as his greatest aim,” he said.
“We will not let any party like the Chp kidnap Atatürk from our nation,” Erdoðan added.
“We will understand him and talk about him as our nation’s Mustafa Kemal, our Republic’s Atatürk, and the veteran of our War of Independence,” he said.