Dalla neve

_________ METEO   Istanbul paralizzata dalla neve

Mercoledì, Febbraio 18, 2015
ISTANBUL - Hurriyet Daily News
Foto - Hurriyet Daily News/DHA
Non c'è tregua per la megalopoli turca stretta nella morsa del
maltempo. Bloccati i voli dei due maggiori aeroporti. Traffico...

____________________________________________________________    Uno spettacolo unico di Istanbul coperta di neve
A new wave of cold air and snowfall has hit Istanbul, as no vehicles are allowed to hit the roads without chains on their wheels.
“Vehicles, especially trucks, without chains on their wheels will not be permitted in traffic in order to avoid disruptions,” the Istanbul Governor’s Office announced Feb. 18, warning citizens not to drive their private cars without the compulsory requirements.
All flights to and from Ataturk Airport have been canceled due to snowfall.
Snowfall is expected to continue until noon on Feb. 19, the office added.
The Istanbul municipality reported a total of 841 traffic accidents since Feb. 17 due to treacherous driving conditions.
Around 20 vehicles crashed in a multiple collision on the TEM highway in Sakarya, closing the road in the direction of Istanbul.
Municipal teams have been stationed on several points in the city, while salt trucks worked to ensure major highways remain open.
A Turkish Airlines (THY) passenger plane flying from Beirut slid off the runway due to the icy ground after landing at Ataturk Airport. Airport teams immediately intervened and evacuated the passengers safely. No other damage has been reported.
Meanwhile, the THY has announced that a total of 168 flights were canceled for Feb. 17, 18 and 19.
Schools were also closed in Istanbul as the depth of the snow reached 60 centimeters in Çatalca in the northwest of the province.
Temperatures have also fallen in the western, central and southern regions of the country, as snowfall closed schools in Kocaeli, Çanakkale, Sakarya, Niðde, Nevþehir, Bitlis, Kaseri, Antalya and Konya.