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Roma Basin Musavirligi 02 Dicembre 2013

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YENÝ ÞAFAK - 02/12/2013
Süleyman Seyfi Oðün Prior to 28 February (the 1997 military memorandum), a Turkish general implied in a speech of his that the North Atlantic Treaty was not the only option before Turkey and it might draw closer to Iran and Russia and become a party to the Shanghai Five if needed. Back then, a great number of columnists alleged that it was a breaking point for Turkey since it was the first time that Turkish army was about to adopt an anti-American attitude and that the army was digging its own grave in politics. For some others, on the other hand, it was a great occasion to put an end to the military tutelage in Turkey. In our day, the dignitaries of the Turkish politics are pointing out to similar views. We should realize that this noteworthy similarity has arisen out of different conjectures and different intentions. I think that the first time such an opinion was revealed, the timing was not appropriate and it was an attempt to finding a way out in Turkish political standoff. Pointing out to such a possibility in a world where Iran was an isolated country under the rule of Ahmadinejad was a challenge against the world order in some sort. On the other hand, the fact that the moderates got to the power in Iran and that a new era called the 'coexistence pacifique' began enabled us to see the reiteration of a similar discourse from another perspective. Now, we face with a quite clear picture: Central capitalist countries, primarily the Anglo-American alliance, want to see the Middle East out of the global focus. The aim of Obama's policies is to put the Middle East in order as soon as possible and to focus on the Pacific. They are also reviewing the US-EU relations in the meantime. The trade agreement in question requires a union to this end. This attempt can be regarded as US's will to include the Europe in its Pacific opening out rather than deepening the ties between the States and Europe. A moderate relation between Iran and the West is a prerequisite for this initiative. All these developments can be regarded within frame of a descending Atlantic oriented world and its being replaced by a more complicated and more hegemonic structures as well as rising of a more Pacific oriented world. Its geographic components have Afro-asiatic bases. To sum up, a new world order which ramps the Atlantic oriented powers, which brings China, Russia, Southeastern Asia power together with Korea and Japan and which creates a new hegemonic competition environment is about to be set up. I can say that today's politics which devote all the investments and all the energy of the Middle East to cultural conflicts will not last long. It is obvious that Saudis and other Gulf States as well as Israel will be pushed out of the system if they carry on this way. Egypt, Syria and Iraq to some extend are regarded as very weak within this new order. Iran made a very smart move. Hard times are waiting for Turkey during which it is expected to exert great effort. Regarding Turkey's opening out to Africa and Asia as Ottomanism is highly juvenile. Reforms (including the Kurdish settlement process) should be regarded as steps taken in an attempt to keep pace with the new world order and its requirements. I do believe that Turkey, together with Iran, is the supplest country to adapt itself to the new order.